September 14, 2015

What readers are saying about Inspirational Gamechangers….


“It’s not a bad place to start if you want to be an inspirational game-changer”
– Andrew Cave,

“A really interesting and unusually human book about business”
– Rita Clifton, Brandcap

“Compelling insight into entrepreneurs. Thompson and Mellor have produced a well-crafted, tight and useful insight into the mindset of entrepreneurs. One of its key strengths is that the authors take a methodical approach to the task with the individual features on each subject ranged under headings such as critical challenge, impact and influence, and key learnings.”
– Frank Dillon, Irish Times

“Contains business inspiration and know-how from thirty influential global entrepreneurs, offering practical learning points for start-up businesses in any field”
Start Your Business magazine, Sept 2015

“Packed full of practical advice, invaluable insights and tip tips, this unique book highlights the lessons we can all learn from the icons of modern business”
– The Business magazine, Oct 2015

“Ideal for busy executives who want to skim through the wide variety of approaches taken by their chosen few….the selection of
entrepreneurs is good and that makes the book worth reading”
– Scottish Business Insider Oct 2015

“An excellent, inspirational book”
– Peter Desmond, Growth International

“A really interesting and well researched collection of case studies about remarkable people and their achievements…there is much in the book that bears careful consideration by aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone that wants to make a difference in their chosen field of endeavour”
– Krishna Waran, International Network of Transition Catalysts

“First hand and first class advice from the worlds top trailblazers, disruptors, value adders, community players and influencers…written in a well structured, easy to read format.”
– Clive Bonny, Strategic Management Partners

Inspirational Gamechangers is a fascinating look at how a range of leaders made a real difference. Gerry and David have managed to extract some really useful insights into how these people tick! As an HR consulting professional, this helps me to get inside the head of a wide range of entrepreneurial brains … An excellent piece of work!”
– A. C. Pullman, People Risk Solutions Limited


Gerry Thompson