June 1, 2015

Stories from inspirational gamechangers - photo

Here are just some of the great entrepreneurial stories of resourcefulness, unstoppable determination, overcoming of challenges, and ability to change the game that are contained in this book:

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw’s journey from gender rejection at the beginning of her career in India, to being named among TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2010

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia who proved that people are willing to help you if you’re creating something positive, powerful and value creating.

Arianna Huffington’s founding of the Huffington Post and the health crisis that caused her to completely overhaul her work-life balance

Muhammad Yunus, the father of Asian microfinance: how his story started with lending $27 to 42 women villagers in Pakistan. Yunus says of the 2008 financial meltdown: “2008 was a wake-up call, but we went back to sleep.”

Jamie Oliver’s food campaigning career to date and the many challenges he has faced and overcome

Ben Cohen’s own words on the start-up, phenomenal growth and unwanted takeover of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream business

Martha Lane Fox’s recovery from a devastating car crash after starting Lastminute.com and creating a completely different career

Jacqueline Gold, founder of the Ann Summers brand, who faced all kinds of opposition and threats in the business’s early days

Vernon W Hill II who founded Metro Bank, the bank that has fans, not customers

Rob and Paul Forkan’s loss of their parents in the 2004 Asian tsunami and how that led to creation of their flip-flops business to support orphans.

Team Sky’s extraordinary methodology for Tour de France and Olympic Games cycling success, and the applicability in business settings

Patagonia – the ultimate environmentally aware company

Green & Blacks‘ chocolate: how it completely revolutionised how chocolate is grown and produced worldwide

HisBe, the radical incipient ethical supermarket chain that started in Brighton

Gerry Thompson