June 30, 2015

Photo of Jimmy Wales

Founder of Wikipedia
Extracts from the featured interview:

“It’s perfectly possible to be philanthropic and profitable too”

“If staff are treated badly, they’re likely to leave – or worse: stay around, resent being there, and do damage to the business”

“People are willing to support a positive project and be of help to others, as long as media are set up correctly to enable this. This can be harnessed to create business endeavours of major scale and influence”

“Top-down command-and-control management doesn’t produce optimum results in the majority of businesses”

“Fail faster – employ a development cycle where you rapidly iterate on concepts and thus shorten time taken to evolve the optimum product”

“To be innovative, don’t be overly preoccupied with what your competitors are doing – strive after excellence by going back to first principles, without reference to others’ results”

“Empowering communities and helping people achieve their own objectives can add immense power and influence to your business

Gerry Thompson