June 30, 2015

Photo of Sir James Dyson

Extracts from the featured interview:


“See what’s missing in the market place, and provide it”

“Offer services and products that improve life for as many people as possible”

“Constantly think of ways to make your products or services better”

“Recognise what’s special or unique about your product, and explain this uniqueness to your customers”

“View product and service improvement as incremental rather than a one-step process”

“Don’t be limited by the constrained thinking of your competitors”

“Persist with good ideas despite external resistance”

“Take on staff with fresh ideas, and empower them to make creative decisions”

“Learn from your mistakes, and encourage staff to do the same”

“Protect your intellectual property”

“Hold true to your fundamental objectives, and persist until you find ways to make them work”

“Never lose the enthusiasm you had when you started your business”

Gerry Thompson