April 16, 2015

Great business leaders and great companies are a constant source of inspiration for others in business; their routes to success encourage our ambitions, inspire in us the belief that great achievement is possible, and – crucially – give us practical pointers towards how to do it. Gamechangers showcases the journeys of 31  such influential business innovators.

The business leaders and organisations featured in this book are exerting  great influence on the modern business world. Inspirational Gamechangers tracks their stories, from up-and-coming  entrepreneurs to globally successful professionals – outlining their impact , the turning points they have experienced, major decisions they have made, and the challenges they have faced – and leaving the business reader with an abundance of inspirational ideas, actions and strategies to put into practice in his or her own business setting.

The material has been generated almost entirely by interview with the candidates. Each contributor is covered in a chapter, and the chapters are arranged into thematic groupings. At the end of the book you will find the authors’ impressions of common attributes of business gamechangers based on their interview experiences; these are followed by a gathering together of the most frequently quoted learning points mentioned by candidates throughout the book.

Gerry Thompson