Interview with Giles Palmer at Brighton Summit

Brighton Summit Conference
Friday 16th October 2015

Photo of Giles Palmer

Gerry Thompson interviews Giles Palmer, CEO and founder of Brandwatch, who also features in Inspirational Gamechangers. The theme of the conference is growth in business.

Brandwatch is a leading global social intelligence provider. Giles launched the business in 2007 with fewer than 20 people and a handful of clients. Today, Brandwatch is one of the UK’s biggest start-up success stories. With more than 300 staff across seven global offices, Brandwatch has grown to service more than 1,200 clients; including more than a third of the Fortune 100. The company was announced as the 20th fastest growing technology company in the UK in The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for 2014.

Giles will discuss Brandwatch’s growth trajectory to date, principles that he follows for growth, and he’ll be passing on things he’s learnt along the way.

This will include:

  • assessing the potential size of the market for a product or service as a limiting factor on growth potential
  • the importance of timing product development and product launch optimally for expansion
  • having everything in place and being in a position to move forward with that growth when the time is right for that growth
  • strategic aspects of attracting and negotiating finance and investment to support growth
  • dealing with the thorny question of ambition and ‘how big do we really want to be?’
  • harnessing the potential of the internet in creating global networks
  • the challenges of building effective teams in a high growth setting, and keeping staff on-board and motivated
  • attracting bigger clients and the challenges of servicing them
  • staying innovative while growing very fast
  • mental and emotional aspect of sustaining a long-term growth pattern
  • and mistakes he has made along the way

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Gerry Thompson