July 31, 2015

Co-authors Gerry Thompson and David W Mellor are available to speak and present about the book and related topics, such as:

– learning points from the inspirational gamechangers to help you do better in your business

– what are the shared attributes of the inspirational gamechangers?

– great stories from the gamechangers’ lives

– lessons from the individual gamechangers eg Branson, Oliver, Huffington, Dyson

Contact details

photo of Gerry Thompson

Gerry Thompson: tel UK 07986 561 860  @gerrythompson
or use contact page

Photo of David W Mellor

David W Mellor: tel UK 07957 480460   @MellorMentoring
or use contact page

If you’re interested in presentations about particular contributors, see ‘Who interviewed who’ on the authors page

Gerry Thompson interviews Giles Palmer, CEO of the global social media monitoring company Brandwatch, on the subject of “How to grow your business“…….

Gerry Thompson