August 20, 2014

  • Richard Branson features in "Inspirational Gamechangers"

Inspirational Gamechangers:

How the best talent create astonishingly successful companies

from Financial Times Publications
by Gerry Maguire Thompson and David W Mellor

Cover of Chinese edition of 'Inspirational Gamechangers'

Turkish edition of Inspirational Gamechangers

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Features interviews with:

– Richard Branson
– Arianna Huffington
– James Dyson
– Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s
– Jamie Oliver
– Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia
– and many others

Gamechangers.front.cover.200Richard Branson features in "Inspirational Gamechangers"Photo of Sir James Dyson  Photo of Arianna Huffington Photo of Steve JobsPhoto of Anita RoddickPhoto of Ben CohenPhoto of Muhammad Yunus  Jamie Oliver photo

Inspirational Gamechangers distills learning from thirty of the world’s most successful, influential and innovative business leaders.

This book will leave the business reader thoroughly inspired, and with an abundance of ideas, actions and strategies to put into practice in your own business setting.

Author Gerry Thompson talks about the book: